About the Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League

Revised September 13, 2022

The Mid-Hudson Scholastic Chess League (MHSCL), established in 2002, consists of Mid-Hudson Valley Schools dedicated to promoting the game of chess.

The MHSCL season consists of four five-round Swiss tournaments. A player's accumulated score is the sum of his and her scores in the tournaments. The top three players with the most cumulative points will win trophies. A team's score consists of the top three or four players' scores from the same school. A team's accumulated score is the sum of that team's points in the tournaments. The team with the highest accumulated score is the league champion. Tournaments are held on Saturdays at one of the participating schools.

Expenses, including transportation, chess equipment, and dues, are the responsibility of the participating school.

I would like to thank all the advisors and students for making the league a success. Click MHSCL to go to the league's home page, and Blog to read the league blog.

Larry King

MHSCL Secretary and Webmaster

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